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, a three-step phase-in a 15-cent gas tax increase. the first increase in 20 years. >> well, he said he would do it, and today he d. i just last night asked pointblank why the heck he was. there are a lot of people listening it this. this congressman is talking about -- >> don't trash security councci- >> if the gas tax, acting like it's no big deal. >> i didn't say it was not a big deal. i said it is a big deal. it's very important. the ability to fund transportation because we haven't raised the gas tax in 20 years -- >> you can't account for the money that's been allocated already, that's committed already. >> absolutely you can. look at your communities in terms of the bridge construction, the maintenance. onestly believe working with the folks that you do that the money you might get from this gas tax is going to be used exclusively and only for repairing roads and bridges and fixing our highways? do you think that's really going to be the case? does the history with the people you work with indicate that that will ever be the case, really? >> why do you say that? where do you thin
savings goodbye. a gas tax hike that could wipe them out. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >>> talk about a kick in the gas. a push to double the federal tax on every gallon of gas. to democratic congressman says it's time and it will do some good. you're talking about hiking the tax to more than 33 cents a gallon. that doesn't sound all too good but explain why you think it's a good idea. >> well, first of all, we haven't raised the gas tax in 20 years. during that time the amount that the average motorist pays per mile they drive because of increased full efficiency and inflation, has been cut in half. we are facing for all the talk of a budget deficit, we're facing an infrastructure deficit. and because we have just sort of run the gas tax trust fund down to where it's approaching zero, if we don't do something in the next ten months, we're going to face an inability to fund any transit funding next year, and the federal highway funding will drop 92%. >> what's happened t
. we're paying higher taxes as a result and we have seen nothing in response. you're telling young people, they can still on their parents' plan, guaranteeing no limits for preexisting conditions. that costs money. and this administration -- >> it wasn't told that. yes, you had all the goodies and told it would not affect you paying more when we knew then and you and i talked about it then, you don't get something for nothing. now the reality is -- >> hell hath no furry like a voter scorned. the administration overpromised, underdelivered, people are realizing they can't afford it, even if they can get on to the system, which still 10% can't, and i'm waiting for the republicansed to create an ad that saturday 90% of you are going to be okay. but for the other 10%, it's like an airline ad. 90% of our flights land safely. 90% of the people can get their healthcare but the other 10% cannot. it's a mess. and until the public is told, we made a mistake, we're sorry, we're going to go back and do it right, then the anger that mary lan landrieu is in trouble, she is a fine senator, the in
and we can do that by safing $2.34 trillion in the first ten years and not raise your taxes one penny. >> you know, when it comes to the president's plan and what's going to happen to it, congressman, tom delay, the former republican leader of the house, was telling me, don't even venture trying to fix it. it's a disaster. republicans should not try to repair it. even if it gave the impression that republicans are just out to oppose something, not create something. how do you bridge that gap between kicking the president's plan down the road, saying it's a disaster, and starting fresh, which would be your approach. >> exactly. we do need to start fresh because the first step out of the chute from the president's plan is the government runs things and the american people are seeing what that gets you. the republicans in the house, we in the house fought as hard as we could to delay this defun it, repeal it. the american people know that. now the american people are seeing this rollout, and why we fought so hard. increasing rem mums, decreasing access, the higher deductibles. this is ph
are expected to pay 10% of their after-tax income for health insurance policy that might have a $2,000 deduct illinois and some states the deductible is up to $6,000. these people are the healthy, invincibles and not a lot of people have disposable income no matter they're age to to have to put 10% of your disposable income out for something that is a piece of paper with a big deductible, is an uphill battle to convince these people to purchase. >> bottom line, the site is up and running and getting better and more people log on. apparently they're doing so but don't like what they see and log off. >> well, yeah. again, i think what you're going to see here is the president and the administration generally are going to have a campaign unlike we saw in 2008, unlike we saw in 2012, to save obamacare and they'll be pushing hard to get the young invincibles signed up. they want to sign sign 7 million people up by march 31. they won't have a million and a half people by december 1, which is a big deadline. you have to believe people who want insurance, who value insurance, have preexisting conditi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5